Will I see Rhinoceroses on a 3-day Safari at Lake Nakuru?

Bushy grassland, ecological diversity, and diverse wildlife make the safari at Lake Nakuru National Park unforgettable. Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage, the Lake Nakuru National Park is a nature lovers magnet. In 1990, the park also attained the status of a RAMSAR (important wetlands) site. Without a doubt, planning a 3-day safari trip at Lake Nakuru National Park will offer you an enriching experience.

One of the biggest attractions of the Lake Nakuru National Park is the burgeoning population of rhinoceroses, which is due to conservation strategies implemented to maintain the Rhino Sanctuary within the national park. On your 3-day safari trip, you can expect to see numerous rhinoceroses trundle through the grasses. Apart from this, you can also spot other rare and magnificent animals.

The Lake Nakuru National Park is also famous for its large population of bird species. It is a slice of paradise for bird lovers. The park plays host to more than 400 bird species that visit different times of the year.

About Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park is a spectacular wildlife haven, located near Nakuru Town. You can reach the park by driving for around two and a half hours from Nairobi. Over the decades, the national park has become synonymous with the massive rhino population and a large number of pink flamingoes.

The park derives its name from the large alkaline lake that is a water source and home for wildlife and birds. Lake Nakuru National Park, named after Lake Nakuru, is one of the best wildlife safari destinations in Africa.

Numerous bird species such as the greater blue-eared starling swoop to Lake Nakuru and proclaim it as their home. If you are an avid bird lover, the sight of these gorgeous creatures will leave you awestruck. Apart from its varied birdlife, the Lake Nakuru National Park is well-known for its Rhino Sanctuary.

The Rhino Sanctuary works towards the conservation of both black and white rhinoceros. At present, there are 25 black and 70 white rhinoceroses in the national park. The population of rhinos that you see in Lake Nakuru National Park is the largest ever in Kenya. Want to observe rhinos in the wild? There is no place better than Lake Nakuru National Park!

In Lake Nakuru National Park, you are not restricted to game drives. Apart from viewing wild creatures, you can also opt for a cruise on the mesmerizing Lake Naivasha. Moreover, you can also visit the tempting hot water springs that often attract tourists to Lake Bogoria. If you are interested in a walking safari, you can visit Crescent Island and perhaps spot impala and zebra among others.

Will I see Rhinoceroses on a 3-day Safari at Lake Nakuru?
Will I see Rhinoceroses on a 3-day Safari at Lake Nakuru?

Though Lake Naivasha and Lake Bogoria are not within the exact boundaries of this natural park, you can still visit them. These provide remarkable experiences that will make your safari trip even more fulfilling.

Are you wondering what the best time is to visit the Lake Nakuru National Park? You will be delighted to know that this safari destination is perfect for a year-round visit. To avoid the crowd season, you can make plans for the dry season.

Can Rhinoceroses be spotted in Lake Nakuru National Park?

Of course, rhinoceroses can be spotted within the Lake Nakuru National Park. This national park is famous due to its Rhino Sanctuary.

Did you know that the Rhino Sanctuary within this park is the first one ever in Kenya? What started with two adult rhinos has now expanded to more than 150 rhinos. Founded in 1984, the Rhino Sanctuary aimed to conserve the endangered species of rhinoceroses that were prevalent at that time.

To protect these creatures from poachers and other threats, the Kenyan government took different steps. Fences were erected around these animals across the nation to offer them protection.

The Rhino Sanctuary came into existence in 1987 and is s result of a partnership of the Kenyan government with the Rhino Rescue Charitable Appeal Trust.

At present, the population of rhinos in the Lake Nakuru National Park is increasing. Here, you will find 20% black rhinos and 80% white rhinos.

Other Animals that are Observed other than Rhinoceroses

Previously, Lake Nakuru National Park was home to massive sightings of flamingoes. However, those numbers have dwindled significantly. That doesn’t mean that there is nothing to see. Apart from the stunning rhino population, you can also see other animals. The park is also known for its leopard sightings.

Here, it is essential to understand that though leopard sighting is possible, it can be difficult. That is majorly due to the nocturnal habits of the animal and its stealthy ways of roaming around. Did you know that there are more than 50 mammal species residing in Lake Nakuru National Park?

In this park, you will come across hippos, giraffes, lions, hyenas, zebras, cheetahs, and much more. Moreover, you can also observe different python species making an appearance.

Even if the flamingo population has decreased considerably, the Lake Nakuru National Park is still a site for bird lovers. Here, you will observe different bird species such as Woolly-necked storks, African fish eagles, dusky nightjars, ostriches, and much more.

3 Day Itinerary for the Lake Nakuru National Park Safari trip

Eager to plan a safari trip to Lake Nakuru National Park? In that case, a well-detailed itinerary is all that you need to make the experience worthwhile. Take a look at the ideal 3-day itinerary for your Lake Nakuru National Park safari.

Day 1: Highlights

  • The tourists are usually picked by the safari organizers from Nairobi.
  • The distance from Nairobi to Lake Nakuru National Park is around 170 kilometers.
  • En route, you will be stopped at the Great Rift Valley. The magnificent scenic visuals of the Rift Valley escarpment will take your breath away.
  • After checking in at the accommodation that you have booked, have lunch
  • Relax for some time, and then get ready for the game drive across the Lake Nakuru National Park.
  • In the game drive, you will come across different wildlife. The majestic beauty of these creatures will mesmerize you completely.
  • After the completion of the game drive, go back to the accommodation.
  • Have dinner and prepare yourself for the night.

Day 2: Highlights

  • The day starts with the game drive early at dawn. Here, you will come across diurnal animals.
  • Go back to the accommodation for some satisfactory breakfast
  • Visit Lake Nakuru National Park again to track wild animals. You will also spot different bird species.
  • For lunch, go back to the place you are staying.
  • After lunch, the game drive will continue till the evening
  • Get dinner and have a good night’s rest.

Day 3: Highlights

  • Go for a game drive early in the morning to get a glimpse of the wild creatures that you might have missed before.
  • After breakfast, check out the accommodation and the Lake Nakuru National Park.
  • Return to Nairobi, thereby concluding the 3-day safari to Lake Nakuru National Park.
  • A visit to Lake Nakuru National Park is incomplete without accommodation. That is why you need to know more about the places to stay so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Mbweha Camp

Located within the Congreve Conservancy, the Mbweha Camp Lake Nakuru is an excellent place to stay for your safari trip. The place borders the Mbweha Camp Lake Nakuru on the southeast side and offers luxurious amenities. You can relax, have a gala time while enjoying the wilderness of the Lake Nakuru National Park.


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Bar
  • Restaurants
  • Swimming pool

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge is situated within the Rift Valley province. It is a great place to stay for your trip to Lake Nakuru National Park. The services are top-notch, and the amenities you get are worth the money you spend. Rest assured, you won’t regret making your bookings here!


  • Sauna
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Shuttle service
  • Game room

Lake Nakuru Lodge

It is the fantastic location of the Lake Nakuru Lodge that makes it so much popular among the tourists. The place offers excellent views of the park and the wild animals. Moreover, the comfort and access to amenities that they stay provide are outstanding.


  • Free breakfast
  • BBQ facilities
  • Currency exchange
  • Outdoor swimming pool

Apart from this, there are many other places that you can stay in too. It mainly depends on your budget and the type of facilities that you want. If you are not too eager to stay within the Lake Nakuru National Park, you can book hotels in Nairobi city too.

Other Activities to Partake at in Lake Nakuru National Park

Without a doubt, Lake Nakuru National Park offers a colorful palette of wildlife viewing. However, there are some other activities that you can conduct too. These combined will make your safari trip even more worthwhile. Take a look at some other places and activities you can visit –

Lake Naivasha

One of the most popular inclusions in the safari trip to Lake Nakuru National Park is a visit to Lake Naivasha. Tourists often opt for this place due to the wide array of activities that one can try here.

For instance, you can choose boat cruises to have an exciting game driving experience. The scenic view of the different bird species and hippos is simply stunning.

Lake Bogoria

Lake Bogoria is a magnificent spa destination, often grouped in the safari trip to Lake Nakuru National Park. The place is well-known for its stunning views, hot springs, and geysers.

If serenity is something that you are seeking, the site will not disappoint you. Moreover, you will also get the chance to observe flamingos in increasing numbers.

Crescent Island

Another place to visit in the Lake Nakuru National Park trip is Crescent Island. A walking safari is an excellent option to have a close-up view of these wild creatures. Here, you will come across buffaloes, giraffes, among others.

Crescent Island also boasts of a private sanctuary that doesn’t house any predators. That makes this site the perfect place to enjoy a sunny picnic.

Baboon Cliff

Baboon Cliff offers some of the most stunning views of Lake Nakuru National Park. Here, you can get a panoramic visual of the park, and its ethereal beauty will mesmerize you. The cliff derives its name from the baboon family that resides here. Baboon Cliff is a hotspot for wild photography lovers.

Makalia Falls

One of the lesser-known yet picturesque spots that you can visit within the Lake Nakuru National Park is Makalia Falls. It is moderately sized and is located along the Makalia River on the southern side of the park. The falls are hidden behind rocks and boast of a massive dive water pool. Apart from the spectacular sights, Makalia Falls offers hiking, game viewing, bird watching, and picnicking too.

Gravesite of Lord Baden-Powell

Have you ever been a Boy Scout? The founder of BSA or Boy Scouts of America, Lord Baden-Powell is buried here. You can visit the gravesite, which is situated at 100 km or less distance from the Lake Nakuru National Park. Powell spent the last years of his mortal life in Kenya, and in respect, his gravesite is now a national monument.


Are you craving to see rhinoceroses in your African wildlife safari? If you have a special love for these majestic creatures, opting for the 3-day safari to Lake Nakuru National Park is the best idea. The voyage offers an enthralling adventurous trip to a vast landscape that is dotted by diverse wildlife. It is the awe inspiring experience of witnessing these animals on their natural turf that makes the safari even more memorable.

Without a doubt, you will be able to spot rhinoceroses in the 3-day safari to Lake Nakuru National Park. Moreover, you can also observe exotic birds like the glorious Baglafecht weaver and other creatures here. Did you know that the park offers much more than being a wildlife safari destination? That’s right!

You can plan a trip to the Makalia Falls or take in the spectacular beauty of the Baboon Cliff. The vast topography allows tourists to embark on an exciting once-in-a-lifetime kind of adventure.

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