Do Pink Robins (Petroica rodinogaster) Live Outside Australia?

If you’ve ever seen a pink robin, it’s unlikely that they were in your backyard unless you are ‘down under’. In fact, they’re only found in Australia. So if you search for a pink robin outside of Australia, you’ll be disappointed. Pink robins come to us from the wetlands and wet forests of northern and eastern Australia because they need water to survive. There are many questions about where these beautiful creatures live and what habitats they prefer. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about this intriguing, plump bird.

Pink Robins are only Found in Australia

Out of all the countries in the world, pink robins are only found in Australia. They come to us from the wet forests and moss-covered branches of trees or shrubs of northern and eastern Australia.

Interesting Facts About the Pink Robin

The pink robin is actually a member of the honeyeater family. They’re also known as the red-capped robin, or the roseate robin.

Native to Australia, these birds are a solitary species and they can be found in wet forests and wetlands. Scientifically classified as Petroica rodinogaster, they are very similar to other members of the honeyeater family like thornbills.

Some people call them pink because of their distinctive feathers which appear bright pink under sunlight. When you look at their plumage, you’ll notice that there is a black band around the chest and their head is yellow in color with a black cap on top. The end of their tail is also black.

Pink robins need habitats with plenty of water from wetlands or rain forests to survive. This habitat preference has led many scientists to believe that this bird became extinct in New Zealand due to lack of water sources and invasive predators like stoats and feral cats invading these habitats.

DNA examinations have found the Pink robin’s closest relation is the Rose robin found largely east or south of the Great Dividing Range, from Queensland to southeastern South Australia.

Do Pink Robins (Petroica rodinogaster) Live Outside Australia?
Do Pink Robins (Petroica rodinogaster) Live Outside Australia?

Where to Find a Pink Robin

If you’re looking for a pink robin, you should head to forests of southern Victoria and neighbouring parts of South Australia and New South Wales, and Tasmania. They live in these areas because of natural lush forest and a damp climate. They like to eat worms, beetles, spiders, moths and other bugs that live near the ground.

Pink robins build their nests above 5 meters (15 feet) in tall trees like eucalyptus trees. They use spider webs, twigs, moss, and feathers to buld them. Three or four gray, green or pale blue eggs are laid each time. Darker freckles patern the eggs near the more bulbous ends.

What Do Pink Robins (Petroica rodinogaster) Eat?

The pink robin is a bird that can eat a wide variety of food. If you find this bird feeding on the ground, it is most likely that they are eating small insects and grasses. This diet changes depending on where the birds live. In an urban environment, they will feed on small insects as well as bread left out for them in gardens by humans.

These birds are insectivores which means they primarily eat insects. However these birds will also feed on seeds, leaves, berries and other vegetation. These birds will also eat spiders, centipedes and millipedes which they usually find at the base of trees and under rocks or logs.

Where do they find their food?

Pink robins are more often than not liable to feed on grasses. They typically live in forested areas, but they have been spotted at times in open plains with low vegetation. The pink robin is a very versatile bird with a diet that changes depending on what it can find in its environment.

The pink robin’s diet largely consists of grasses, which it finds and eats on the ground or low foliage. If there is no food available on the ground, then they will eat small insects as well. When living near farms, they will eat insects that have been disturbed by farm machinery. It also eats berries, including the scarlet berry, which grows in profusion in the Australian bushland. The pink robin will also eat worms and slugs if it finds them crawling on the ground or low-lying foliage


The pink robin is a bird endemic to Australia. There are no records outside of Australia that mention a pink robin. An amazing fact about pink robins is they’re attracted by the color red. If you want to attract them then you should use a feeder with red coloring or put a red colored object near the feeder.

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