Fantastic Wildlife helps wildlife lovers learn more about fauna and flora of the natural world. Never before has it been so important to discuss the importance of preserving wildlife around the globe. By exploring and discovering together the millions of different species this blog aims to encourage respect for habitats and wildlife.

Learning how to treat pets, can also play a part in educating respect for animals. This blog offers tips and advice on animal care.

Nurturing Plants in our gardens or enjoying seeing them flourish may encourage enthusiasm for the debate about preserving the last great rainforests.

The blog itself has been written by wildlife author, E.G Price who wrote the novel, The Zambezi Allies. His love for nature started with horse riding lessons when he was a boy. His travels around the world have taken him to see fauna and flora in many countries, including South East Asia: Langkawi, Indonesia and Thai National parks, to name a few destinations.

Great contributors have helped answer my questions and deserve a mention.

  • Thomas Boothby: Lead researcher for NASA on how tardigrades live in extreme conditions.
  • Mark McCorry, Head Biologist for Bord na Móna on the wetting of Ireland’s peat.
  • Entomologist, Justin Orville Schmidt, Author of The Sting of the Wild, and the Schmidt sting pain index

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