A Wildlife Fantasy Novel: The Zambezi Allies

Do you like fantasy novels about lions? Everyone loves a ferocious battle between good and evil and its even more exciting when lions are involved showing tooth and claw. This epic novel features all that plus cameos from shoe bill storks, pangolins, monitor lizards and deadly carnivores who won’t stop until they’ve subdued, a young lion, the hero of the drama. Power and territory are at stake, drawing comparisons with the ominous human world we live in today.

Location: Monde, Zimbabwe. Jasiri the juvenile lion lives unaware his small, aging pride teeters between safety and death by marauders. Elders tell him to remain behind the hunt when he ignores advice during stalking lessons. Hungry, his ashamed mother remains too. The pride don’t return. Jackals at the watering hole whisper of giant paw prints on the outskirts.

Jasiri’s mother fears the worst. In the night she and her son are hunted by a shadowed beast: the infamous “IT”. Jasiri becomes lost when Lubaya grapples with, “IT”. All he has is her last direction. He hopes she’s still alive. Nursed by strangers new ties are forged. Elders warn Jasiri to follow her instructions would be perilous.

Most of a troop of peaceful olive baboons are murdered, reinforcing fears the land is under attack. Undeterred, he heads north. Allies come forth: Papio the baboon, who famously lives for himself, Rafu the giraffe who quizzically is scared of heights and Tocus the shoe bill who is motivated by loss.

Indomitable enemies are bent in gaining power through murder. The allies last hope lies in a legendary warrior. Can they reach him across perilous canyons, mountains and forest? Even if they can, they don’t know if they’ll be able to win his trust, friendship and skills. What is clear, the unlikely band must learn each others strengths fast and become a team if they are to survive the countless enemies that lie in wait.

Best suited for children of ten up to adults of up to eighty years (with out heart complaints) The Zambezi Allies novel tells a fast paced adventure brimming with cliffhangers, conflict and courage.

For nature lovers the novel teems with accurate descriptions of fauna and flora found on the African plains. Animals from pangolins to hippos are portrayed within the constraints of their physical capabilities. But characters reveal themselves with human voices: evil, heroic, sorrowful, and at times celebratory.

“The Zambezi Allies” takes inspiration from Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book,” presenting a world where animals speak with human voices. Amidst the challenging landscapes of the African plains, a coalition of Shoe Bills, Pangolins, Giraffes, and enigmatic heroes joins forces as allies. In the face of imminent danger, particularly the relentless pursuit of a young lion by formidable adversaries, they undertake a perilous mission to ensure the survival of the lion against the formidable force known as ‘IT.’

This gripping narrative not only tugs at the reader’s heartstrings but also provides a captivating glimpse into the rich and diverse wildlife that inhabits the savannah.

"The Zambezi Allies" takes inspiration from Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book," presenting a world where animals speak with human voices.

In a moment of suspense, the protagonist cautiously approached a tree, his spine tingling with trepidation. At the tree’s base lay three small, grey and olive shapes shrouded in quivering shadows. Upon closer inspection, they revealed themselves to be monkeys, engaged in mysterious activities. His gaze then shifted to a commanding figure perched on a low branch—a shoe-bill crane named Tocus. Standing at nearly four feet tall, Tocus dominated the plains with his yellow beak and blurred grey and blue feathers.

Another intriguing character, a porcupine, exuded an air of invincibility, as if he were a spectral observer untouched by the hardships that befell other animals in this mortal realm—be it illness, murder, theft, or loss. The porcupine stood ghost-like, impervious to the horrors that unfolded on the plains.

“The Zambezi Allies” weaves together a tapestry of suspense, camaraderie, and the enchanting wonders of the natural world, offering readers a unique and enthralling experience.

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