10 Most Beautiful Species of Cats

(Felis Catus)

Cats are among the most beautiful animals, not only due to their looks, but also for their unique features and characteristics. 10 most beautiful species of cats, from the shaggy coated to silky smooth, can really attract most people, whatever, a persons age or sex. According to experts, it can be extremely difficult to judge the beauty of cats, as one thing that is beautiful for one may not be for others. The beauty of cats can vary from cute to glamorous and or breathtakingly amazing.

Arguably, cats have adapted to feign our affection by being so beautiful and the design has worked as they’re about the most popular pet animals. However, cats provide more than just being an object of beauty; they can add happiness and joy to your life with their playful and sweet nature, even if some of them have a bad reputation in this regard.

Cats are trainable, intelligent, and affectionate but by nature still every cat is different from another. 10 of the most beautiful cats in the world are discussed in this write-up to help you admire fantastic nature or even in helping you choose the pet cat for you. Let’s not pussy foot any longer and let’s spring into the cats whiskers, of feline beauties, in reverse order.

10. British Shorthair Cat

The British shorthair, is one of the world’s oldest cat breeds. In the 1st century A.D, this breed was imported from Egypt to Britain by Roman soldiers and their families. Soon, finding admirers in the British Isles, these cats became known for their extremely calm and affectionate nature. They can easily get connected to the members of your family as well as with other pets and are low maintenance.

10 Most Beautiful Species of Cats
British Shorthair Cat – 10 Most Beautiful Species of Cats

They can become perfect cats to pet, for every one due to their pleasant natures; the principle attraction of the British short hair is it’s luxurious coat which is like touching the most comfy of hearth rugs. Their dense coats can be of a whole smorgasbord of colors from blue, black, marmalade, white, silver, gold, and cream. They appear very expressive and smiling cats due to their rounder faces with wider cheeks. The British shorthair is always ready for fetching games and fun like dogs, while owners admire their undoubted beauty.

9. Exotic Shorthair Cats

Shorthaired Persian is another name of the cats of this species. The body and flat face of this breed resemble the coats and face of Persian cats but their coat is shorter than the latter ones. Famed for their stubby noses, in the 1950s this breed was developed by crossbreeding Persian cats with other cat breeds with short hair. The cats of this breed do not need to be groomed like Persian cats as they have shorter hair, which saves work for busy owners. But in all other standards, exotic shorthair cats look similar to Persian cats.

Exotic Shorthair - 10 Most Beautiful Species of Cats
Exotic Shorthair – 10 Most Beautiful Species of Cats

By nature, these cats are very playful, affectionate, and loyal. They like to sit in the lap of their owners as they like their attention. Exotic shorthairs are short in height and weigh nearly 15 pounds. They are found in different colors including cream, silver, black, smoke, and blue like Persian cats. These cats look cute throughout their lives due to their broad but short faces, short noses, wide eyes, and small ears. Moreover, an interesting observation is they are rarely affected by any diseases.

8. Birman Cat

Birman cats are one of the most attractive breeds of cats due to their blends of smokey hues with contrasting white. According to a myth, these cats are also known as Burmese sacred cats. Once, some of the white cats used to live in a temple in northern Burma in the Mount of Lugh.

Some robbers murdered the main priest of that temple. For the final movement of the priest, one of these white cats came beside the priest to offer its intimacy. The legend goes, with the grace of the goddess of the temple, the color of all the white cats in the temple changed to golden color, out of respect, after the death of the priest. As the eyes of the goddess, the eyes of these cats also look dazzling bluish.

10 Most Beautiful Species of Cats - Birman Cat
10 Most Beautiful Species of Cats – Birman Cat

In the 20th century, the breed of these cats was introduced in the US and Europe. For the first two years, all of the cats of this breed remained pure white in color. After two years, various types of markings appeared on their ears, face, tail, and legs as well as on their body in different colors including blue, chocolate, cream, red, seal, and lilac. But the legs (socks) of these cats always remained white in color.

Birman cats typically have muscular bodies, wonderfully thick coats like thoroughbreds, and medium-sized tails and usually weigh 5 to 7 kilograms.

*Birmans normally like to remain close to their owners though they are not very active. They are not averse to forming friendly bonds with other pets in the same home.

7. Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian, is one of the oldest cat breeds which is known for its distinctive features like their stunning textured silky coat, lovely copper color with speckled markings instead of tabs or stripes, and huge expressive eyes. Their most famous feature is their larger, leaf shaped, pointed ears that provide the Abyssinian with excellent hearing.

Abyssinian Cat
Abyssinian Cat

These more wild looking, medium-sized cats are named after the name of the place of their origination, Abyssinia, now known as Ethiopia. They wouldn’t look out of place on the savannah with their feral shaped ears. Some people are of the view that these cats and the sacred cats of ancient Egypt. Lean yet muscular, the Abyssinian is a unique looking domestic cat. They can be trained easily by their owners as they are active, playful, and intelligent by nature.

6. Scottish Fold Cat

The cats of this breed are known for their slightly pushed forward and down folded ears. Their ears bend in this position due to the dominance of their gene mutation and gives them a unique beauty. The heads of these cats look clearly rounded like owls up which makes them differently unique compared with other cats. Scottish fold cats also have prominent circular eyes. You may love these cats for their folded ears and wide faces as well as their sweet and playful nature.

Scottish Fold Cat - 10 Most Beautiful Species of Cats
Scottish Fold Cat – 10 Most Beautiful Species of Cats

Interestingly, the kittens of this cat breed do not have folded ears like matured cats. Initially, they have straight ears which start folding when they are three weeks old. These cats have both short-haired as well as long-haired coats in a variety of colors including blue, chocolate, lavender, and red as well as combinations of marmalade and smokey hues with white. Scottish fold cats are very affectionate and playful by nature. While sitting they balance their body on their rear legs to sit in a Buddha position.

5. Toyger Cat

The name of this breed of cats has been based on their tiger-like looks. This breed was developed by cross-breeding between a striped domestic short-haired cat and a standard tabby of Bengal. You can rarely find the cat of this breed out of the US as this cat breed is still in the developing stage. On their light orange-colored coat, tiger-like unique markings can be seen distributed randomly and two dots associated with tigers exist on the brow. People like to keep them as pets due to their beautiful coats as well as their appearance as a toy like a breed of tigers.

The Toyger cat weighs between 4 and 6 kilograms due to their muscular medium-sized body. Wiry, with long noses, they look more feral than traditional domesticated cats. They like to be connected with people and by nature they are playful which adds to their attraction. They can be trained easily as their breed is one of the most intelligent cat breeds. The copper coat with lateral dark stripes is a sight to behold.

4. Maine Coon Cat

The cats of this breed are very affectionate and attractive. Known as the “the gentle giant” this cat breed is the largest breed in the world that has been domesticated. With a wide variety of different hues, coats of Maine Coon cats share one enduring feature: shagginess. Long and sometimes unkept looking, this handsome cat is admired all over North America. The Maine Coon was developed by a crossbreeding between domestic cats and semi-wild cats indigenous to the area of Maine in North America; they are also known as longhaired cats.

  • Maine coon cats cats are friendly and loyal to their owners like pet dogs. The cats of this breed are found in various colors and patterns including marmalade, red, white, cream, tawny, grey and black.

These cats have a water-resistant attractive thick coat to help them to survive in extreme weather conditions on cold days. Maine coon cats have rounded, striking large eyes of different hues including gold, green, white, and copper colors. Their raccoon like tails are bushy and quite unique among domestic cats.

Maine Coon Cat – 10 Most Beautiful Species of Cats

These cats have a better understanding of the world of humans. They are very active by nature but they do not want the attention of their owners unlike the pet cats of other breeds. They show their affection to their owners through various types of chirping sounds as well as sticking close by.

3. Ragdoll

Ragdoll cats are known for their beautiful blue eyes and semi-long hair. They are very playful, affectionate, home-loving, and loyal by nature. While playing with their owner they show their intelligence to hide their claws. Like guard dogs, they also greet their owners at the door.

Like regal cats and dogs, Ragdoll cats can become an owner’s best friend. They are known for their larger size, blue eyes, and wispy, white coats.

Ragdoll cat, 10 Most Beautiful Species of Cats
Ragdoll cat, 10 Most Beautiful Species of Cats

The coats of these cats normally have four types of patterns like blended, pointed, lynx, and bicolor patterns. These patterns are found in different colors including seal, blue, red, chocolate, largely cream, and lilac. In different seasons they shed their wispy hair. They commonly, have a dark marking on their tail and ears.

*The average lifespan of the cats of this breed is 14 years and their weight remains between 3.5 and 8 kilograms.

2. Persian Cats

The cats of this breed are one of the world’s most popular and oldest elegant breeds with long hair. The origin of this attractive breed of cats is considered as Persia, now known as Iran. These cats have the amazing coat in over 80 color variants including black, white, chocolate, blue, cream, red, lilac, and silver, etc.

Persian cats are famed for their stunning blue-green brown or deep blue-colored eyes. These cats with medium-sized frames are renowned for having full cheeks, stubby, cute noses, and large rounded eyes that peer out of their ball shaped heads.

These cats can feign the attention of their owners as they are very affectionate by nature. Their calm and quiet nature also attracts most cat-lovers to have them as a pet in their home as they neither climb nor typically claw at the furniture. Most of the time they like to play with other pets or family members. They are also known as one of the most glamorous cats due to silky smooth and abundant hair. They are one of the most elegant and oldest cat breeds in the world and always sought after.

Persian Cat – 10 Most Beautiful Species of Cats

In the 1800s, these cats were awarded a prize in England for their long coats and stocky builds. Persian cats were earlier considered pampered pets and owners are well known to dote on the cute breed. Today breeders have refined this typ with time; the body of modern Persian cats has a defined shape with a heavy structure of bones, short legs, and massive hair.

1. Siamese Cats

The cats of this breed are very affectionate and social by nature. They are also known for their communication skills as compared with the world’s other cat breeds. They can produce a monologue that can be useful for you to communicate and understand these cats which is worthy for their owners. You can know exactly what your Siamese cats want from you through their lingering and loud sounds. They like to rest in the lap of their human or follow them all time. Siamese cats with amazing eyes and shiny coats are also seen in various movies and TV shows.

The cats of this breed look attractive due to their triangular head, muscular body, almond-shaped eyes, and elongated ears. At the time of birth, the color of all the Siamese cats is pure cream but they start changing the color of their coats to cinnamon pink, very, milk-chocolate, and bluish-white after becoming 4 weeks old. Most Siamese cats have points of dark brown color on their cream-colored body.

10 Most Beautiful Species of Cats
Siamese Cats – 10 Most Beautiful Species of Cats

These cats are considered most beautiful by people who have bred this diminuative pet. The experts call these cats as refined and balanced versions of traditional pet cats due to their large pointed ears, tubular build, and exactly triangular head as well as smoky, beautiful shaded fur. They are also known for working as guards of the palace. In ancient Thailand or Siam, these cats were known as cats of royalty.


After pawing through the reviews of some of the 10 most beautiful species, you can find the most suitable one for your home if that’s your desire. Remember, not to take physical beauty too seriously, because the personality of a cat can mean more than its looks. Personally, I try to lean toward the ancient axiom of wise men: “people like you for your perfections but love you for your imperfections.”

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